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Why haven't we solved the energy problem yet? What will it take to ensure we never have to import foreign oil?

In 2003, Synergy Consulting Group, LLC performed primary research into the price consumers would be willing to pay for an "equivalent gallon of hydrogen" to fuel their vehicles. In 2005, this research was repeated, going a bit more in depth. The intent was to better understand public opinion (in light of our "new" energy crisis). The results are very interesting and highlight a conundrum - which has not been dealt with since the 1973 oil embargo. Provided below (and in the blog) are some ideas on how to enable the United States to become a "net-exporter" of renewable energy.

Opinion letter & article summarizing how to become a net-exporter of renewable energy!

Based on primary research (below), an opinion letter has been written - with a solution to this complex and long-term problem. (The full-length article (written in 2005) can be found here.)

Full report of research & analysis.

Read the report, & what you can do about it.


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Energy Independence Fund executive summary!

An Executive Summary outlining the Steps necessary to enable the U.S. to become a net-exporter of energy.

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