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A Brief History Lesson!

Were you alive during the 1973 OPEC-led oil embargo? If you were, do you remember the gas lines? Worse, do you recall the feeling of helplessness – that you might not be able to get to work, or pick up your child from school, or be picked up from school by your parents? Do you recall the lack of control you or your parents had when gas stations started running out of gas - and when they had to start rationing it?

We cannot begin to solve our challenges until and unless the historical reasons we got into this situation in the first place - are explored in detail.

From the Forward:
"The United States is getting ready to enter into an energy-led economic calamity in a very short time."


What is the Current Situation?

This time, high gasoline prices aren’t caused by a single supply disruption. It is caused by the peaking of oil production, along with the tremendous increase in energy demand by developing countries trying to bring their standard of living up (to that of America). They have every right to do so, but this – along with peaking oil production and our increased dependency on foreign oil – is at the root cause of current price spikes and volatility.
This book goes way beyond the obvious and uncovers the root-causes of our current energy problems.

The Blame Game

We cannot solve our energy problems once and for all, until we spend some time looking at how different people view the current situation. And then taking action to integrate (or overcome) these assumptions and perspectives into a long-term and lasting solution.

In response to surveys I created in 2003 and 2005, people tended to "blame" others for our situation. In fact, blame was a fairly large component of their responses. Therefore, I thought it should be explored further.

By exploring several differing perspectives, it becomes clear that in order to actually solve our energy problems, once and for all, we will need to wrap our brains around different ways of thinking. Albert Einstein said it best: "We cannot solve our significant problems from the same level of thinking we were at when we created these problems."

This book does just that: Gets beyond the typical "solutions" - to those that will work for the long-term.

"Citizens will react in a typical manner - looking for government solutions and adding power to the largess of government."

How to Solve Our Energy Problems

More than an energy "policy" is needed. More than simply taxing oil companies. More than throwing money at supposed (or politically popular) solutions.

To provide a context for what to do to bring down the high price of gasoline and solve our energy problems once and for all, there are three Very Big Stumbling Blocks in our way. Without addressing these, we cannot progress to lasting solutions. With these stumbling blocks removed, we can begin the process for collaboratively solving our energy problems.

This book explores those stumbling blocks in detail: and uses the knowledge of them to become building blocks, instead.

The Energy Initiative

Government alone cannot solve our energy problems. Nor can businesses, alone. Nor can consumers, alone. To solve our energy problems, once and for all, to make a significant dent in the price of gas at the pump, we must take bold actions in a concerted manner, and move beyond fossil fuels as our primary source of energy.


"Government will predictably over-legislate, print more money which will increase the price of oil even more."


The Presidential Speech We'd All Like to Hear

For too long, our nation’s leaders have played politics, gambling our children’s futures. Insufficient investments have been made in alternative fuels, and political power has held sway of renewable power. As a result, our dependence on foreign oil has increased from 25% in 1973 to over 60% today. No strategy = no concerted actions = no results.

The "Presidential Speech I’d Like to Hear" offers a powerful strategy to break our cycle of addiction and replace it with low-carbon solutions.

What The Future Holds

This book outlines the probable future we will see, if concerted efforts to become energy-independent are not implemented on a grand scale.
The technology that exists - and that will need to be developed - are explored in detail, with a clear "road map" for the development of clean-technology that will help the United States wean itself off foreign oil... once and for all.

"This will lead to increased taxes and decreased standard of living, as it always has."

What You Can Do

There are several things each of us can do to help this country move forward in a substantive and collaborative way. The hardest part is change: Changing one's perception of what will, and what won't work.

This book clearly defines the steps we must take.


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You Think It's Bad Now?

With a little research and a little more math, one can determine that by the time China and India catch up with America's standard of living (as measured by the number of cars per 1000 people), by 2024 the world will need over 12 times as much oil as it uses now. This is unsustainable and it is a recipe for disaster.

This book clearly details this course.

"Instead, let's invest some tax money into innovating and thinking our way toward energy independence with a fund to fuel energy accelerators."

What About Other Approaches?

There are several other approaches - each with their areas of strengths and weaknesses. This book compares and contrasts each.

"If we do, we could become an energy / technology exporter and prevent the impending economic disaster."

How to Fix Our Economy

One of the root causes of our economic problems (in addition to the housing bubble) is the fall of the dollar and hundreds of billions of dollars we continue to ship overseas - every year.

Along the way to where we are now, several pillars that were erected after the Great Depression were systematically disassembled. And we wonder why the economy has gone down the tubes? This book clearly lays out what we must reinstate in order to provide economic stability in the world, once again.

"A clear, concise document that not only gets at the root causes of our energy problems, but it also lays out the solutions that are required to fix it, and what will happen if we don't."

Detailed References

Claims made in the book are substantiated through significant research. It is all there - and you can see for yourself not only how we got in this mess, but how we can get out of it


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